Judge Indicts 29 People Over Madrid Terror Bombings

After a two-year-probe, a Spanish judge has handed down indictments against 29 people in the Madrid bombings of 2004.

The first indictments in the case accuse the suspects of murder, terrorism and other crimes in the train bombings that killed 191 people and wounded more than 17-hundred. The attack was claimed by Muslim militants

The 15-hundred-page indictment charges six of the 29 men with 191 counts of murder and 17-hundred-55 counts of attempted murder.

The suspects include Jamal Zougam (zow-GAHM'), a Moroccan who allegedly supplied cell phones used as detonators in the ten backpack bombs. They exploded on four crowded commuter trains.

Five of the six lead suspects are also charged with belonging to a terrorist organization, while nine others are accused of collaborating with a terrorist group.

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