Jail Site Meeting

It was a full house Monday night at the Smith County Commissioners meeting on the proposed jail location. Up for discussion, the two jail sites on the May 13th ballot. They're located downtown and the so-called "remote" site in north Tyler.

Many of those in attendance took the opportunity to simply reiterate their position to commissioners. Others came just to learn more. Residents like Richard Smith had specific questions. He asked whether extra beds in the jail system could be used to generate income from other counties.

"One of the things that they would consider is to utilize those beds until the county needs them. They're not to the point, they've gone out and researched that, but at least it's under consideration," Smith said.

Ronny Schoenbrun says he learned a lot from the meeting.

"There was a lot of detail that was maybe too much detail, but I thought the questions the citizens had were very appropriate, and were informative," Schoenbrun said.

In spite of all that information, many of the people we spoke with tonight said they are still unsure how they will vote when the bond election rolls around.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@ktlv.com