Harley Cut In Half

Imagine, Harley lovers, what you would do with a brand new "Hawg," delivered right to your door?

More specifically, what would a group of Texas A & M Engineering students do with a brand new Harley-Davidson? They cut in half and that's no Aggie joke. Jamal Moharer of Tyler began the task of cutting this machine right in half. He's helping his son and a group of A & M students with a project.

At school the students concrete canoe that will now entered into a nationwide engineering contest. So where does the Harley come in? The two halves will become what could be the most expensive and most elaborate boat stand at the competition

"To them this is a science project, to me it is a work of art, to "hawg" owners this is like a funeral," says Moharer, "because we are gonna cut this bike in half."

Moharer contacted Harley-Davidson for the students. Harley by the way donated the bike for the students' project.