Rally Draws In Spectators

"It's peaceful, it's a peaceful rally. My opinion is that they have a right to gather and express their opinion," says Debbie Washmon.

Across the street from the standing room only crowd on the square, two East Texans spoke out against what was happening before them.

"The reason why I'm doing this is it's obscured for what they are coming over here and doing . They are coming over here illegally and taking our jobs," says Paul Foiles.

There was both a sea of green--- and red, white and blue among the crowd.

"I believe in the American, the red white and blue and it upsets me to see them carrying the Mexican and American flag, it's not right.. It's just not right," says Foiles.

As the chants rang out from the square, some people in office buildings came outside to see what was going on, while others watched from their windows. Those who happened to be downtown, couldn't help but stop and listen.

"It offends me. I understand their cause and what they want but to the extent that it involves breaking the law that already exists, I'm very much against that," says Jack Waggonner.

"America is a wonderful place to be and I can't blame them for wanting to be here I wouldn't want to live in some of the conditions that some of them live in," says Washmon.

No matter their age, those who came out say they support the American dream.

Karolyn Davis, reporting. kdavis@kltv.com