East Texas Women Help Troops Beat The Heat

Ten women are working tirelessly to send our troops a very 'cool' care package. Marsha Harrison is the one who initiated the project.

"My brother, who was in Iraq last year, asked for some neck coolers, and he knew that I like to sew, and maybe I could rouse some people to help me," Marsha said.

The neck coolers are made of cotton, and filled with crystals that absorb water. They stay cool hour after hour, and that makes them a hot commodity when temperatures soar above 115 degrees.

"My brother called to say the first 60 or 70 were gone in about 15 minutes," Marsha said.

Marsha and her friends have sent several hundred neck bands to Iraq. This latest batch is going to Sandy Stewart's son, 25 year old Dustin, and all the other members of the Charlie Company, First Brigade serving in Tall Afar.

"Some of these ladies don't have any relatives or friends that are there, but yet, they care so much to do these, it brought tears to my eyes," Stewart said.

Sandy says it is just a small gesture, but she thinks it will mean the world to her son.

"It's so different to pick up a package, and know that someone took the time to mail it, or make it," Sandy said.

"I've heard my brother, and other people who have been there say, they get an awful lot of mileage from that box from home," Marsha said.

The women say as long as troops are on the ground serving our nation, they will do what they can to show their support.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com