Child Found At Super 1 Foods

Police were called to a Tyler grocery store today, when an employee found a three-year-old girl left in her family's van. It happened around 2:45 p.m., at the Super 1 Food Store on Troup Highway, just south of the loop.

CPS and police responded because they thought the child had been abandoned. The little girl was found in the parking lot, sweating and alone in her mother's vehicle. It turns out, it was a misunderstanding, and the mother was reunited with her daughter a short time later.

Sergeant Charles Bledsoe worked the case. "Evidently, she had several kids in the van coming home from church. One of them was in the van asleep. When she got up here, she went in the store, and didn't realize the child was there, until she got back home," Bledsoe said.

The incident has police warning parents about the dangers of leaving children alone in cars. They say it was warm enough today, the car could have become fatally hot for the little girl. The mother was issued a ticket for leaving the girl unattended.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting,