Proud Of East Texas: Edom Then & Now

Established in 1855, Edom was a thriving agricultural community before the 1940's lured rural families into the cities. Many of Edom's downtown buildings are still intact, but these days they are filled with working artisans, who moved into the town in the 1970s.

After the artisans set up shop, an upscale boutique called "Pink" opened along with Edom Bakery And Grill. The town's premiere restaurant, "The Shed" and nearby nursery "Blue Moon Gardens" draws visitors from across the state.

Edom has become such a hot tourist destination, festivals such as "April In Edom" swell the town's population of 322 into the thousands.

A good time to visit Edom is during "April In Edom", April 22 and 23. Edom is located at the corner of FM 279 and FM 314 between Canton and Tyler.

Joan Hallmark reporting,