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Congressman Louie Gohmert Talks About Proposed Immigration Bill

Congressman Louie Gohmert returns home to East Texas today, one day after Congress turned down a compromised version of the immigration bill. That bill included a version of a guest worker program. Among those against it, Congressman Gohmert who says not enough attention is being focused on securing the borders.

"We can't lose sight of the fact that we do need people to work here, but we need to deal with it in a legal fashion and the Senate version basically said, 'Gee the longer you break the law, then the more we are going to do for you,'" said District 1 Representative Louie Gohmert. "Well, that's not the message to send."

Gohmert says more needs to be done with securing our borders. "It's like what I told the President," said Gohmert. "He said, 'Well we've got to have a guest worker program as part of it', and I said, 'Well Mr. President, with all due respect, until you secure the border, you don't have to have a guest worker program because we've got all the guest workers we can handle. What we need is to secure the border and then we can talk about making sure there are adequate workers here.'"

One way to do that, Gohmert says is to give a computerized ID card to all those entering the country, a program passed by the house last year. "Until we get that program in place, we're not going to be able to deport 12 million or however many people, but once we have the border secure we know who's coming in," said Gohmert.

The proposed immigration bill has sparked protests all over the country. In Tyler, students from John Tyler High School and Stewart Middle School walked out of class holding Mexican flags. "We want to be a nation of immigrants," said Gohmert. "That's what we are, but we need to assimilate and be one people and that does not mean coming in here and waving the flag of some other sovereign, especially a sovereign that has done nothing to take care of its people. " Gohmert says he's all for immigration, but immigration that's done legally.

Discussion on the proposed immigration will resume when lawmakers return from their two-week recess.

Molly Reuter reporting,

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