Longview Military Mother Gets Surprise Visit

An East Texas military mother got a big surprise, as her son who is serving in the air force overseas, pays and unscheduled visit. With the help of his father David Holloway, Chad Holloway arranged a secret visit to his mother's home in Longview late Thursday night.

  "I figured I'll just surprise her I'll come home with the baby and the wife and see how she reacts" said Chad.

Barbara Holloway had worried constantly about her son, 21 year old Chad, who had been stationed in Germany in the Air Force for the last year and a half. Chad was about to be stationed in Afghanistan, and although his wife and child were coming home for a visit, Barbara thought it could be 18 months before she would see him.

"It was very emotional because I knew that she and the baby Jennifer we're going to come in and that if he didn't come in it could be a year and a half" Barbara says.

Barbara had been diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and the experience brought her closer to her family, and she wanted desperately to see her son.

"He is going to be deployed and that automatically means it would be at least another 6 months or longer before you got to see him" she says.

Making the reunion doubly important, it was Chad's daughter Emily's, first birthday.

"I plan to spend every minute every day with him while he's here" says Barbara.

"It was great the look was priceless on her face" Chad says.

Chad is on 3 weeks leave before being deployed to Afghanistan.

Bob Hallmark reporting.