Residents & Officials Reaction To Police Chief Suspension

City officials and residents we spoke with had mixed emotions on the issue of the suspension of the Jacksonville Police Chief.

"From what I know I have been real satisfied with him and the officers," says Dolly Efex, Jacksonville resident.

"Just really beginning to wonder about our police department, with the police chief what's going on," says Debriah Guillotte, Jacksonville resident.

"This is an ongoing and growing situation, where citizens have begun to feel that their public trust and confidence has begun to erode," says Mayor Robert Haberle, City of Jacksonville.

"We had more than two thirds of the force complaining. The morale has been so low, I have been told that, a few left already and the rest told me if they find a job tomorrow they will leave," says Mo Raissi, City Manager of Jacksonville.

Raissi says some of the personnel concerns include crime prevention, safety of the residents and police officers, as well as the leadership.

The department has hired a consultant to investigate.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.