Gladewater Officer Investigated By State Attorney General

A case against an East Texas police officer accused of threatening a reporter with a gun is now in the hands of the State Attorney General. Officer Brian Naismith of the Gladewater Police Department remains on paid administrative leave after a Dallas newspaper reporter filed a complaint saying Naismith "bumped into his car and pointed a shotgun at him" when the reporter was seeking an interview with him. In February, an Upshur County grand jury cleared Naismith of wrongdoing in the shooting of a suspect last summer.

The Upshur County District Attorney asked the current case be forwarded to the state because of the past case against Naismith.

"We referred this case to the attorney generals office to let them look at the facts of this case in order to avoid any sense of any impropriety or sense of any conflict because of the investigation of the first case," said Upshur County District Attorney Mike Fetter.

The Attorney Generals office will review the current investigation to determine whether to send it before a grand jury for indictment.