Longview Officer Warn Of Internet Predators

Longview Cyber-Crimes Officers say the numbers of predators targeting children on the Internet is still growing, and anyone can be a predator.

"We've talked about it before and basically it's still out there. We've seen it all the time its out there every day take todays story its basically a big name that's gotten caught doing this," said Sergeant Mike Hyko of the Longview Police Cyber-Crimes Unit.

Hyko says online predators always try to exploit a common weakness with young people.

"Most parents say if Sally's upstairs in her bedroom she's not at the mall nobody's bothering her but they don't understand that these predators get in their home" Hyko says.

For some parents, it is a frightening concept that even government officials can be predators.

"Kind of re-enforces some concerns because we've always monitored what my children do with the Internet to see what sites they've gone to you can't really rest you've got to keep checking whats going on" said concerned mother Linda Whitehead-Johnson of Longview.

"We try to instill in the parents that they really need to be careful where their kids are going on the Internet and who they're talking with" Hyko says.

Bob Hallmark reporting.