Vandals Pitcher Has Thrown Perfection Three Times

A perfect performance by any athlete is rare but how about three in one season?

The odds are staked against most players, but that's exactly the case for Van Vandal's softball pitcher Cara Hulme.

"I just love competing," Cara said. "I love being on the mound and being in control."

It has happened less than 20 times in the Major Leagues and in softball, it's almost as rare. The perfect game. No batter reaches base, each batter retired in a row.

"I'm pretty sure I've had some before, but honestly I haven't kept count," Cara said.

Vandal fans have counted for Cara. This season she's had not just one or two, but three perfect games.

"I don't know what I'm doing different," she said. "You start feeling good and you are just in the rhythm of throwing."

Most of the time, Cara does not even know what she has done. "Basically, my dad tells me after the game."

Also on her list from this season, five no hitters, and 13 shutouts. With a fast ball of about 68 miles per hour, Cara can bring the heat. Just ask catcher Shelby Harris.

"I can definitely tell when she's pitching faster, cause my hand feels it," Shelby said. "It hurts."

"It's astronomical to have a perfect game," said Vandals softball Coach Suzanne Braley. "I've been blessed with great pitching But Cara, there's just something a little special about Cara.

Cara's lethal arm garnered her the first division one softball scholarship in Van school history, signing with the University of  Texas at Arlington. Now she hopes to make history again at the next level.

"I'm nervous but I'm very excited to see what I can do at the college level."

Maya Golden reporting,