Why The High Gas Prices?

As a construction worker, Cole Adams depends on his crew cab pick-up.

"I fill-up probably three or four times a week, so I pay a lot of attention. Last week, you know, it probably cost me 60 or 65 dollars to fill up. Now it's going to cost me close to 70," Adams said.

He says next to Hurricane Katrina times, it's the most he's ever paid.  A gasoline additive called MTBE may be at the route of our pump problem.

Ashton Oravetz, a professor at TJC says right now, the government insures producers who use the additive because it pollutes water. However, in just a few weeks, that will change.

"So, in effect, what's happening, is on May 1, we're going to switch from MTBE to ethanol, completely. Producers are worried about this, because they feel there's going to be a shortage, because we don't have enough ethanol to replace the MTBE at that time," Oravetz said.

There's another government mandate. All diesel produced after June 1st must be low sulphur diesel. That means an extra step in the refining process, and a subsequent three percent decrease in supply, so costs will go up.

Unfortunately, what you're experiencing now,  is probably just the beginning.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com