Smith County Demolishes A Nuisance Property

An abandoned house that neighbors called an eyesore, is finally demolished. We first told you about the house in January. It's located at the intersection of Indian Creek Road and Indian Drive, just outside the Tyler City limits.

The house is full of years and years worth of trash piled up. Insulation, cans and empty bottles scattered all over the floor.

"There are nails all of the floor, their are rats in here there are snacks in here. Mesquites in large quantities, you name it it's in here," says Sergeant Danny Brasher.

Brasher says for months, he has been leaving notices for the house's owner. "She has torn the tags off the house that I have placed on for demolishing. She brings new items to the house and then the cars," says Brasher.

Wednesday morning, neighbors watched as it was torn down.

"It's been an eye sore and it just disfigures the neighborhood look like it shouldn't look," says neighbor Rev. James Peoples.

"I was surpassed this morning, but it was a pleasant surprise," says neighbor Wayne Montgomery.

Some of the neighbors say they have been waiting for this moment for years.

"I am happy that it is finally coming down," says neighbor Helen Ferguson.

"I'm proud that it is down, I'm proud it's down," says neighbor Rev. James Peoples.

"I just think it's really nice that neighbors seem to think the same way and working together as a community. We have gotten to where it will be nice," says Helen.

This was the first property to be demolished under the Public Nuisance Law adopted by the Smith County Commissioners. The property owner will be charged for the cost of the demolition and removal of the debris.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.