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"Does It Work?"-4/4/06

Kapoosh: "Does It Work?"

A good set of knives is a "must" around the kitchen. However, if you've been around long enough, you know there's no longer such a thing as a "set" of knives. Either you're missing one from the set, or you've acquired extras over the years. If that sounds like the story at your house, or if you just love gadgets, this week's "Does It Work?" is for you.

We really like the name of this product, "Kapoosh." It touts itself as the "universal" hold all your knives and utensils block. It's the slotless utensil holder.

Inside the wood block holder are thousands of "freedom rods." They're FDA approved food grade plastic sticks...thousands of them compressed together very tightly to form the slotless holder. The knife block you probably have, has slots made to fit your knife set.

"Slots," is a dirty word in the Kapoosh world. And if you think about it, slots are kind of annoying. Try them on yours. It take fine motor skills to push the knife in on the first try, without hitting the wood outside the slots. And if you have children in the house, chances are, you want to keep the knives out of reach. So you might put them on top of the refrigerator. If you thought it was hard to get the knives in on the first try on eye level, try it when the blocks over your head! It's a small annoyance but one that the Kapoosh is supposed to solve.

Turns out, the knives go in like butter. I wouldn't recommend trying it, but you can even toss knives in from a short distance...even blindfolded.

Possibly the best part is it's washable. The "freedom rod" unit comes right out and can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Try doing that with a wood block. You can also run it under the faucet if you like to get crumbs or whatever out of the rods.

And don't restrict the Kapoosh to just the kitchen. Screwdrivers, scissors, they all fit great. It's awesome for the garage or sewing room.

 We had a lot of fun with this product.

"Does It Work?" We give the Kapoosh a "yes."

The Kapoosh costs $29.99 at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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