Trashing East Texas

Land scattered with old cars, batteries, and used motor oil are just the latest example of people Trashing East Texas. This morning, Smith County constables were called out to Highway 155 in Dogwood City, a few miles southwest of Flint. Authorities say areas like this are a public nuisance, chalked full with criminal violations.

At least half a dozen boats were on the property, and so were containers filled with standing water which could cause big mosquito problems. They are worried about the impact of the batteries and oil on our drinking water.

Danny Brasher is the Smith County detective in charge of environmental crimes.

He said, "The reason oil is so bad, is because it contains benzene, and that is a cancer causer. Once that goes into the ground, it goes right into the ground water, and it is one of the things that can't be filtered out of the ground water. The batteries could be possibly the same thing."

The homeowner has at least one thousand pounds of trash, which means a state jail felony. He will also be charged separately for improperly disposing of 14 used batteries.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: