Jefferson ISD: Drug Testing Proposal Includes All Student Drivers

For the first time, the Jefferson Independent School District is proposing a drug testing program for their 7th through 12th graders, and it's not just for athletes.

It includes all student drivers. Here's the proposal: if students want to park at school, they must pass a drug test. Richard Cook has only been the Jefferson ISD Superintendent for one year. He says he's not sure why the district does not have a drug testing program, but believes it's time.

"We had incidents with some students who were apparently out of control, who were not in their personality range," said Cook. Cook says those students were not just athletes, but students who drove to school and hung out in the parking lot.

"The consequence for this has nothing to do with any kind of criminal action. It's for the safety and welfare of the students and the employees that come to work here," said Cook. The school district will be using a drug testing company to issue the tests. That company will do the initial drug test before the school year starts and then randomly select students throughout the year.

"It's again a way to possibly be a deterrent, and if they are involved and they do come back positive, then we can help them get help," said Cook. Trisdon Reeves, 18 is a senior at Jefferson High School and says every student should be tested.

"They are endangering me also," said Trisdon Reeves. "I'm driving to school too and everybody on the road, so it shouldn't just be extracurricular, it should be the whole student body." Trisdon's mother agrees.

"I think it's absolutely an awesome idea," said Shanna Reeves, Trisdon's mother. "These children are our tomorrow's future." A future, the Jefferson School District says it's trying to make brighter for all its students.

Other parents say the new drug testing program would be a waste of time. They say it's such a small school, and there are better ways to solve drug problems. Cook says he's hopeful the program will be approved by the school board's June meeting.

Molly Reuter, reporting.