Canton Backs Out Of Gilmer Rematch

Just days after saying Canton and Gilmer would play as scheduled, TITUS Sports Marketing's Dave Stephens confirmed today, Canton is out.

"Canton backed out on their commitment for the next two years," said Stephens. "I'm extremely disappointed. It would have been a tremendous game. So much of East Texas would have loved to have seen a rematch of last years [playoff] game."

Canton's decision to back out of the game comes a week after their star quarterback, G.J. Kinne, left school to enroll at Gilmer. The move also leaves a big hole atop the schedules of both Canton and Gilmer. For Stephens and TITUS Sports Marketing, who organizes the East Texas Kickoff Classic, it's back to the drawing board to find a replacement team for Gilmer.

"They put us behind the 8-ball," said Stephens, "but we're looking from California to Florida to find the best possible team for Gilmer to play."

Kevin Berns reporting.