Professional Bass Angler Has Back Surgery In Tyler

Zell Rowland, Professional Bass Angler, is best known for his time spent on the lake. But, the last few days he is having to take break from fishing. That's because he's recovering from back surgery at a Tyler hospital.

"I had a lower disk I guess a fracture in my very lower back. I was getting injections. They didn't work for me after 3 or 4 of them. So it was time to look at other alternatives to have done which was the back operation," says Zell.

A fellow angler recommended a Tyler surgeon to perform his surgery. Monday, Dr. Paul Detwiler with ETMC performed the procedure. "This is a minimally invasive procedure. Rowland had a very large herniated disk that on MRI's was getting larger and larger it was impairing his ability to compete professionally and we recommend surgery to remove it," says Dr. Detwiler.

The surgery is done by using this small guide wire. Then tubes help push the muscles out of the way to perform the procedure. After the procedure is done, the tube is then removed. A bandage is put on the patient's back, no stitches needed.

"These guys work miracles, it's what they do. The knowledge that they have hear you just don't find anywhere and that's pretty amazing," says Zell.

Dr. Detwiler says this back surgery procedure has been available in Tyler for more than a year.

Zell won the Southern Challenge last year in Guntersville, Alabama. He says this year's tournament is in just 11 days and he will be there.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.