Mousetrap Car Races

"Ready, set, go!"

All day long, Stacy Gwartney's physics classes took each other on, in a race with cars like you've never seen.

"They had a design project with very specific rules. They could not use any manufactured pieces," Gwartney said.

The task at hand was to build a car, using nothing but the mousetrap mechanism to generate power. The students worked on the project for four weeks, and kept a journal of everything they learned. "From torque, to the kinetic energy, to the rotational motion that occurs in their car," Gwartney said.

Josh McDonald's car was the fastest in his group.

"I guess I feel pretty good. I was hoping I'd win speed," McDonald said.

Angela Apilado's car went the farthest...a whopping 24 meters.

Some cars wouldn't move at all. Others, would go forward and reverse. The student's say building the cars was fun, but a lot of work, too.

"I had to do it while I was also working. I work for my church, and we just lost our youth minister, and so I've been swamped with work. And we had our UIL competition going on too, so it was just a lot at once," McDonald said.

Their teacher says she hopes projects like this one, will give her students the skills to always strive for the finish line.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: