Officials: Hall Monitors, Locked Doors Making Longview High Safer

More information now about life at Longview High School following several highly publicized incidents early this year. Four teachers were injured and more than ten students were arrested, after violence there.

Police were called in January and February following fights, and in once case, when a desk was dropped on a student from above. Since then, much more calm.

"If we hear about it ahead of time, we can do something about it," says Principal Milton Wallace of problems on campus.

There are big changes at LHS, like locking doors after the start of school. That forced kids to go by the office.

Dr. Dana Marable, LISD Superintendent: "What I'm seeing is fewer students choosing to be a little tardy getting to school because they know they'll have to go and sign in."

Hall monitors, several of them bus drivers whom many know, now patrol the campus along with student volunteers.

"I think those kids who have somewhere to go are going there. They just move a little faster," said Wallace.

Having extra eyes is especially important, Wallace says, because there are many areas of the building not in line of sight from offices and classrooms.

"I think our students know we're going to do everything to keep them safe and to do everything to keep them safe and secure," he says.

The district is calling on students and parents to get involved. To that end, Longview ISD has been forming committees of faculty, staff, and parents.

They call them "Focus Groups." To examine how to improve all aspects of education. Parents interested in participating can call the district office.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.