East Texan Fourth Generation Soldier

An East Texas family is overjoyed to have an Iraq army veteran home on leave, a soldier who is keeping a rich family history of service to country alive.

Staff Sergeant Greg Huff just wants to enjoy the simple things he's missed while deployed. "Get to see my wife and kids again hang out with them just do what they do everyday," says Huff.

Huff, who spent13 years in the regular Army, is a living legacy. His family has fought in five wars: his great-grandfather in World War I, his grandfather a P.O.W. in Germany in 1944, his father a Vietnam and Bosnia veteran, and Huff himself in Iraq. They were all army volunteers.

"I'm proud of my son. I'm proud of all of our soldiers and what they're doing over there," says Greg's father Jerry Huff.

"Once you sign on the dotted line you commit yourself to your country to what we send our soldiers to do whatever our government deems. We go take care of it," Greg says.

And Greg's mother, Mary Jo is veteran of sorts, having supported her military men and seen both husband and son called to duty. "A few years ago they both left me. We put Greg on a plane to go to Germany and put his dad on a plane to that same day to Bosnia," says Mary Jo.

He comes home wanting people stateside to know that some good things are happening in Iraq. A father of four children, Huff continues his family line of commitment to duty.

"We are making a difference its just going to take time," Huff says. Huff returns to his unit in Iraq when his leave is up.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com