Proud Of East Texas: Edom Bakery Gourmet

Bud Berry greets his guests at the Edom Bakery And Grill Gourmet Dinner Night in tuxedo. And why not, since diners are in for a special culinary experience.

Berry is a Dallas Lawyer who still travels back and forth weekdays to his office in the Metroplex. His wife Ann is a freelance court reporter. It isn't as though the Berrys needed second careers, but their passion for food inspired them to open up Edom Bakery & Grill and to add gourmet dinner nights once a month.

The Berrys' longtime friend, Chef Jackson York, travels from Ft. Worth to preside over the monthly gourmet dinners. He hasn't been in the least surprised by their success. He says people are moving more and more out of the city but are inclined to miss the gourmet food available there. He says they "were just waiting for us."

The next Edom Bakery & Grill Gourmet Dinner Night is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th.