Tyler Pipe Opens Its Doors

One of the largest companies in Tyler allowed the public to take a tour of its location for the first time in 30 years. Union officials declared today, Tyler Pipe Day and welcomed families of employees with food and games.

In the past year, Tyler Pipe has spent more than $60 million to improve both environmental and safety issues. For many families, it was the first time ever to see where their loved ones work. "I hear the noise, when I talk to him on the phone sometimes and then to actually see where it's coming from, it's amazing," said Patsy Hawkins, whose husband works at Tyler Pipe. "I saw all the different pipes and how they make them and the machinery, and it's all cleaned up in there. It looks real nice."

One interesting fact, Tyler Pipe has a $625,000 electric bill every month. This is Tyler Pipe's first family event. The plant has been in operation for 70 years.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com