Senior Skydives At Eighty In Gladewater

Dorothy Weil turned 80 on Friday. She wanted to do something special for her birthday, so she decided to jump out of a plane!

"I had seen my son do it and that inspired my grandchildren to do the same and I just figured if they could do it i could do it" says Weil.

Her biggest inspiration was the memory of her adventurous son Phillip who died two years ago.

"He just lived life to the fullest and I didn't recognize that until after he was gone and I figured that's the way life should be led" she says.

In a tandem jump, she rode the wind at 10-thousand feet, to the delight of family and church members who came to support her.

"I'm not opposed at all but I am jealous of her because she has the courage to do something that I don't" says Dorothy's church pastor Art Hill.

Her decision took some relatives by surprise.

"My mother is jumping from the sky today, and I'm biased I have the best mother, and a lot of people depend on her so I hope this goes right," says son Thomas Weil.

"I don't want anyone to sit back and let life pass them by, just do what you want to do , do it to the best of your ability" Dorothy says.

Dorothy opened her birthday gifts afterwards. Her family says they're not sure "what" she'll do for her next birthday.

  Bob Hallmark reporting.