Freedom Fighter: Bill Menzies

Bill Menzies had only completed a half dozen missions as a tail gunner on a B17 when he was shot down over Germany during World War Two. Menzies was taken prisoner and survived the next two years in Stalag 17, on bread, cabbage and coffee, made out of ground acorns.

Menzies was freed in 1945, but returned to Germany as part of the occupation forces in 1947. There he met and fell in love with a young German widow, whose husband, a German soldier, had been killed just months before the birth of their daughter.

The young American soon won over mother and daugher. Menzies married the mother, Irmgard, and adopted the daughter Monica. Irmgard died in 1996. Although Monica's German heritage will always be part of her, she says that Bill Menzies has been, and ever will be, "Dad".