KLTV Football Analyst Weighs In On Offseason Changes

There may not be any action on the field, but this offseason has been a busy one for many NFL teams.

Free agency and trades have moved some big name stars.

KLTV Football Analyst Eric Williams, discussed the offseason's winners and losers. Of course we could not talk about the free agency without discussing Terrell Owens and the Cowboys.

"He's the best receiver out there," Eric said. "I think he's better than Jerry Rice as a receiver. The problem is the baggage he brings and the impact he has in the locker room. I think this is his last chance."

Eric feels the Cowboys also got a big boost picking up kicker Mike Vanderjagt.

"I think it's a shift in the paradigm in the Cowboys' philosophy on kickers. They've never gone after kickers in the past. I think it's Parcells saying I want a kicker. I don't want another kicker want-to-be. I want the best out there and I think they did it."

In other moves, running back Edgerrin James moved from the Colts to the Cardinals. Despite his star status, Eric said the problem is, who's going to protect him?

"You need a line to protect him. You need a line to block. The same with the Cowboys. Even though they have T.O. who's going to protect Drew (Bledsoe) to get him the ball? That's a big problem. "

We are one month away from the NFL draft. Eric picked his top three.

"Number one: Reggie Bush. Number two: (Matt) Leinart. Number three: Ferguson the offensive tackle out of Virginia. I think (Vince) Young is going some place just before ten."

But Eric like many NFL fans wondered how the Saints acquisition of Drew Brees shakes up Leinart's chances of being the second pick.

"It's the best thing for New Orleans," Eric said, "but it messes up the draft."

So the big question, who does Eric think the team to watch in 2006 will be?

"I really like the Cowboys. I'm not a big Cowboys fan, but I am after their moves."

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com