Illegal Immigration Health Care Costs

Once again, we set out to bring you a story about how Illegal Immigration is affecting you. This time in medical costs. And once again, we had trouble finding any concrete numbers.

We talked to officials at Trinity Mother Frances Health System and the Northeast Texas Public Health District. Both say they do not know how many illegal immigrants they provide health care to. And they are unsure on the costs.

"It's a state requirement we are not supposed to ask and we don't ask. We are required to serve whoever comes in our doors whether they be residents or nonresidents," says Nick Sciarrini, Director of Northeast Texas Public Health District.

"The best we can track for people that are here illegally system wide for the last year it's about $300,000 in care," says John Moore, Public Information Officer, Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

In the last several months, Trinity Mother Frances Health System has began to keep track of illegal immigrant health care. That's because there is federal money available to help with the cost. Moore says they only ask after the patient has received care.