Show And Sell Begins At Junior Livestock Show

Weeks of preparation have come to this one moment for these kids. The look on their nervous faces alone tell you the fate of their hard work is now literally in the hands of one judge. "What I'm looking for is three chickens that are really thick-breasted chickens. They've got to have a lot of length, width, and depth to that breast," says Judge James Greer. "It's nerve- racking, you don't know if you're going to go in the back," says contestant Morgan Reynolds. In musical chairs-like fashion the birds and their owners hope to move closer to the front of that line and that first place prize. "You get nervous!," says one contestant. "I had to feed them three times a day for over a month now," says contestant Trent Huckaby of Troup. And with a simple touch, or two or three, a winner is determined. "You're going to be 3rd place, you're going to be 2nd place and you're our winner," announces Judge Greer. "I knew it had the chance I didn't think it was the best," says Huckaby after learning his chicken won. Although he'll walk away with the blue ribbon, everyone here raising livestock learns a priceless lesson about responsibility. "If you do something wrong for one day, somebody else is going to do it right and they'll get ahead of you," says Greer.

It's not just chickens being judged in the livestock show. Steer, rabbits, goats and lamb can be seen as well. Judging will continue through Saturday at the East Texas State Fairgrounds.

Christine Nelson reporting.