Pirate Video Operation Raided In Longview

Police and special undercover agents crack down on an alleged bootlegging operation in Longview. Earlier this year, Longview Police were tipped off about a movie pirating operation being run out of a convenience store. Today, officers and agents with the Motion Picture Association of America raided the store on Fourth Street. In all, about 3-thousand bootleg CD's and DVD's were confiscated and the store was shut down. The owner of the store, 30 year old Malik Hamid of Longview, was arrested and charged with possessing the illegal items.

"At this point we think we've found approximately 3-thousand movie DVD's and music CD's in the store right now" said sergeant Shaun Pendleton of the Longview Police.

Investigators are now checking Hamid's home computer to see if he was manufacturing or just selling the pirated copies. If he is convicted, Hamid faces up to 5 years in prison and a 250-thousand dollar fine. Bob Hallmark reporting.