Blue Ribbon Awarded To Increasingly Popular Breakfast and Lunch Spot

At Claudia's Cafe & Catering on Highway 79 in Henderson, they've been dishing out crowd-pleasing meals, and perfect health inspection scores, since they opened in early 2005.

"I've had some people here tell me we're a little on the abnormal side because all of my help has been with me since we've opened," says Claudia Morgan-Gray of the lack of turnover in employees, a common occurence in the restaurant industry.

"You can teach people how to cook, and you can teach people how to set the table, but you can't teach people personality," she says.

There's all of that and more at Claudia's Cafe & Catering. And from the repeat business, it's clear they definitely know how to cook.  There's a variety of food from morning breakfast tacos and pastries to lunch.

"Chicken salad is probably our best selling thing here, and then we always have a hot meal," says Claudia.

On this day, the special was stuffed pork with sweet potatoes and baked apples.   It was delicious.  But when the city health inspector comes in, he's not just looking at the food, but the utensils, counters, and surfaces. At Claudia's, it's been continually clean.

For that, we award our best.

Brad Streit, KLTV General Manager: "We created the Blue Ribbon Report at Channel 7 to recognize those restaurants that consistently get perfect scores on their health department inspection. And I'm proud to present the Blue Ribbon Award to Claudia's Cafe & Catering on Highway 79 in Henderson.  Congratulations."

Claudia says this is a place where you're greeted with a smile -- where people know your name.

"People tell us when they're having babies, they'll call us when they're getting married, and those kinds of things," Claudia says.

"We keep having people tell us we've got to expand, we're either going to have to go up or we're going to have to go back."

"But, I think this is the size we'd like to keep. With the catering side of it all, we stay relatively busy," she adds.

Claudia's is busier all the time as word spreads of good food, friendly smiles, and reputation for keeping everything very clean.

Claudia's Cafe & Catering is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 202 North Highway 79 in Henderson.