New Treatment In East Texans With Degenerative Disk Disease

New relief may be in sight for those with degenerative disk disease. Right now, doctors treat the disease by cervical fusion.

Tuesday, an East Texas doctor performed a cervical artificial disk replacement. Spine surgeon, Dr. Charles Gordon from the Texas Spine and Joint Hospital is helping with an artificial disk clinical trial.

"It's remarkable that we are getting to where we can offer patients with a bad joint, a joint replacement in the spinal column. Instead of going in and welding these vertebrae together we are able to put this disc replacement where the spine is able to move normally," says Dr. Charles Gordon.

Doctor Gordon says with this procedure patients retain their wide range of motion, while eliminating their neck pain.

Officials say about 300 people in the United States have gotten the disk replacement as part of this clinical trial.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.