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Proud Of East Texas: Roland Whitt

When Roland Whitt began writing songs, he really hadn't planned on recording them. One of those people who convinced Whitt to sing his own songs was Robin Hood Brians, owner of Robin Hood Studios.

Brians knows talent when he sees it. His office is lined with gold and platinum records he's produced for the likes of ZZ Top, David Houston, Joe Stamply and others. Brians says Whitt has what it takes as both a songwriter and performer.

Most of Whitt's life has been spent at hard labor, without time to do much dreaming. Now that those few dreams he was able to squeeze in are coming true, he's determined to find more time to dream.

Whitt's first CD "Eight Second High" is getting a lot of air play around the country and he's been asked to write the song for the Leukemia Tour out of Nashville. It's a success Whitt didn't dare dream just a few years ago.

Joan Hallmark reporting,

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