Former WHS Wildcat Discusses Life In The NFL

He was an OSU Cowboy, a Viking, a Seahawk, and now a Bill. LaWaylon Brown has fought hard to make it into the league.

"It's hard for a free agent, if you aren't a draft pick," he said. "It's a very difficult journey. Physically and mentally."

But LaWaylon's work ethic got noticed. It was during a workout he was selected by the Vikings. He sticks to a strict routine, that sometimes needs an extra boost.

"Everybody has a work weight that they have to come in at," he explained. "Mine was 315. When (training) camp started, it $400 per pound per day that you are over that weight. When I got off the plane I was 320. At 10 o'clock at night I was working out in my room. I slept in a trash bag."

LaWaylon made the weight requirement and has made it in the league for four seasons. It's something that still causes some shock and awe.

"It was overwhelming because when I was with the Minnesota Vikings, I'm sitting there like I'm actually talking trash with Randy Moss."

After his stint with the Seattle Seahawks he played with the Berlin Thunder, winning the NFL Europe championship.

"The championship there was really nice," he said. "They had the fireworks and everything and the stadium was full. It was a great feeling. But a Super Bowl here would be like a dream come true."

LaWaylon said he would love to be a Dallas Cowboy. But in the end, all that really matters is fulfilling a dream and finding a permanent home.

"I'm just seeing how far I can go. How far I can go in the NFL."

Maya Golden reporting