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Details Unfold Of DPS Trooper Shot

A violent night in Tyler, a trooper is shot, leading police on a chase filled with gunfire. In the end, there were two crime scenes marked off by police tape, one where the D.P.S. trooper was shot, the other, where the chase between the suspects and police ended.

Here's the rundown on injuries.

The Trooper who was shot, Steven Michael Stone is listed in fair condition. One of the alleged shooters is also in the hospital. He is in serious condition. And the second suspect is in police custody.

It began a little after 9 p.m. on Highway 31 East, about 8 miles east of Tyler. D.P.S Trooper Steven Stone was making a traffic stop for speeding.

Trooper had probable cause to arrest driver, during the arrest, the driver pulled a hand gun from his waist band and began firing the weapon point blank at trooper stone striking him in the left shoulder

Authorities say the passenger also began shooting at Trooper Stone.

The driver, later identified as Ramon Ramos, and passenger Francisco Saucedo fled the scene in their blue Dodge truck.

Captain Audra Livingston, D.P.S., "Trooper Stone was able to make it back to his vehicle where he radioed his communication that he had been shot and he needed help."

Around 9:30p.m., Tyler police department received a call from a citizen who had been monitoring the situation on his scanners.

Chief Gary Swindle, Tyler police department, said, "He had seen the Hispanic male in a black truck at the La Machoacana Grocery store at Beckham and Line, and he said it looked like the guy that we were looking for officers spotted the truck... And the suspects fled from the parking lot."

That's when the chase began. Seventy-five to 100 rounds of ammunition were fired from the suspect's vehicle at officers during the pursuit.

Today, these police cars are evidence of that pursuit... With bullet holes on the side, in the front windshield and then right next to the head rest.

The chase ended at highway 64 east about a mile outside the Loop 323.

Chief Swindle said, "The suspect vehicle made a veer right off to the right where it struck a vehicle parked on the shoulder. The vehicle turned over on it's side."

That's when the suspects were taken into custody. Police discovered that both Ramos and Saucedo were wearing body armor and had a number of weapons in their truck.

Investigators were left with the task of figuring out why these two men had weapons and body armor with them.

Karolyn Davis, reporting

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