Trooper Stone Is In Fair Condition

Family of Trooper Steven Stone says he's doing much better. Trooper Stone is able to both walk and talk. DPS is not releasing Trooper Stone's official photo at his request. Trooper Stone, 29 joined DPS three years ago. Before that he served at Fort Hood as a military policeman for six years. His family says after leaving the military, Stone wanted to continue to serve.

"You're out there protecting the public from drunk drivers and you're trying to find people that are using dope and all those other kinds of things," said Ed Marty, Stone's Father-In-Law. "He's somewhat of a perfectionist. I know the fact he wasn't able to handle these two guys is going to bother him. He would feel that he was suppose to have complete control of the situation. There wasn't anything else he could of done." Stone just recently moved to Whitehouse with his wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Molly Reuter, reporting.