Longview Police Investigate Two Southside Shootings

Longview Police say a homicide suspect was a major factor in two violent shooting episodes last night. It happened around 7:30 a home in the 500-block of Idylwood Drive, just off Mobberly Avenue. A little over an hour later, another shooting happened in the 1000-block of Ridgelea Avenue. Residents in the South Longview neighborhood believe all 3 of this weeks shootings are part of what they say is an apparent gang war.

7:55 last night, Longview Police respond to "shots fired" at a home on Idylwood Drive, where they find a home and car raked with bullet holes. 18 year old Robert White of Longview, is struck in the arm and head, but survives his wounds.

"We believe they were looking for Jonathan Starns, so they went there and started shooting up the house in an attempt to get at Mr Starnes" said Sergeant Shaun Pendleton of the Longview Police.

2 hours later police are called to this Ridgelea home where again multiple gunshots are fired, the home and cars riddled with bullets. No one injured in this shooting. The first shooting took place just across the street from an elementary school. Rival factions are believed to be warring over Monday's killing of Dakar Barns, and their small "turf war" has people frightened.

"Several of the residents were afraid to even be seen with KLTV reporters, fearful about coming outside thinking they would be the next one shot.

"Let me tell you something we can;t have any of our citizens fearful in their own neighborhoods about talking to people. We're going to continue to put what ever assets are necessary to slow and stop theses occurrences" said Longview Mayor Jay Dean.

Dozens of homeowners we talked with were afraid to even open the door for us. Law enforcement even warned "us" to be careful in the area and watch our surroundings.

"We are now still looking for the shooters involved in the 2 shootings last night so until we find them we're planning to keep our patrols in the area" Pendleton said.

But the city now needs the help of a fearful neighborhood.

"We need the information from you, you don't have to go on camera you don't have to give your name, you have to communicate with us" said Dean.

One young resident patrolling the streets told us on the way out , "its not over". Longview Police says they are increasing patrols until those responsible for the shootings are in custody.

Bob Hallmark reporting.