TJC Raising Out Of State Tuition

Out of state students will pay higher tuition at Tyler Junior College next year. The Board of Trustees approved the tuition hike today, in order to offset rising utilities costs and to provide salary increases for employees.

"We're going to raise out of state tuition from 30 to 48 dollars per hour and add a ten dollar registration fee," says TJC President, Dr. William Crowe. "But other than that, the cost for students who live in our district or live in Texas it will be the same as it was this year. So we're excited about that. We know a lot of our students are strapped financially and other costs are going up, so we are hopeful that we can hold the line on our tuition fees and give them somewhat of a break."

The ten dollar registration fee Dr. Crowe spoke of will aplly to all TJC Students next Fall. But the tuition hike applies only to out of state students.

Today's move, brings TJC right up to the state average for out of state tuition for Texas community colleges.