New reverse shoulder procedure at ETMC Tyler

New reverse shoulder procedure at ETMC Tyler relieves pain, improves range of motion


The ETMC Orthopedic Institute in Tyler is offering another first in East Texas – the Reverse ® Shoulder Prosthesis that provides pain relief and improves range of motion for many patients.

According to Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Dennis DeVinney, the Reverse ® Shoulder Prosthesis, commonly called RSP, is designed for those who have had a severe rotator cuff injury; arthritis of the shoulder caused by an irreparable, massive rotator cuff tear; or a previous shoulder replacement that has failed. As the name implies, the implant reverses the arrangement of the shoulder’s ball and socket, creating smooth movement for the patient.

“Traditional therapy for rotator cuff injury in the past has been partial shoulder replacement. While this procedure relieves pain, it typically does not improve range of motion nearly as well as the new RSP,” DeVinney explained.

Dr. DeVinney is part of a small group of surgeons, approximately 150 physicians, in the U.S. performing this new procedure that provides the patient with significant pain relief as well as increased mobility and range of motion. Patients interested in the procedure should call ETMC HealthFirst at 903-596-3850 or 1-800-850-7050.