Rodent Droppings Found At Several Smith County Restaurants

Rudy's Country Store & Bar B-Q, 1410 SSW Loop 323, Tyler

inspected February 27.

Brisket, sausage, and baked potatoes at 48F-50F; should be properly cooled to 41F or below.

Tacos at 110-115F; should be 140F or above. Food products discarded.

Raw eggs stored over produce. No paper towels near hand sinks. Thermometers were not accurate. Problems corrected.

Rodent droppings found under drinks area.

Total demerits: 29

Recheck: March 21.

Pork Ribs at 47-50F; should properly cooled to 41F or below. Products discarded.

Total demerits: 8

No further recheck ordered.

Schlotzsky's, 2105 SSE Loop 323, Tyler was inspected March 2.

Ham and salami from 46F-58F; should be 41F or below. Product discarded.

Sanitizer stored over clean utensils.

Employee seen dumping wastewater in floor drain; mop sink not available.

Can opener needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 26.

Recheck: March 16.

All problems corrected.

Total demerits: 0.

Dunkin Donuts, 1501 WSW Loop 323, Tyler was inspected February 16.

Employees not washing hands between handling money and food.

Employees handling ready-to-eat foods with bare hands without using hand sanitizer.

Grain weevils found in metal storage bin.

Other food surfaces needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 22

Recheck: March 13.

Grain weevils still present.

Knives and utensils need to be replaced.

Total demerits: 14.

No further recheck ordered.

Golden China, 2123 WSW Loop 323, Tyler was inspected February 3.

Employee not washing hands after handling soiled utensils and raw chicken, and before handling clean utensils.

Raw meat products stored over produce and cooked foods.

Rodent poison/bait under buffet line, not in approved container.

Cleaning chemicals stored over empty coffee pots and filters.

Food contact surfaces and utensils needed cleaning.

Total demerits: 21.

Recheck: February 20.

Inadequate handwashing noted.

Raw meat stored over cooked products. Problem corrected on sight.

Total demerits: 8.

No further recheck ordered.

Donut Palace, 1400 S. Beckham, Tyler was inspected March 3.

Sausage kolaches, croissants with ham, milk, from 45-53F; should be 41F or below. Products discarded.

Sausage kolaches on pan at 93-129F; should be 140F or above.

Rodent droppings found in cabinets and behind freezer. Towels, straws, plastic lids contaminated with rodent droppings.

Total demerits: 19

Recheck: March 13.

Rodent droppings found in kitchen/back room.

Total demerits: 6.

No further recheck ordered.

All reports provided by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.