New Details: D.P.S. Trooper Shot

A routine traffic stop last night ends with a D.P.S. trooper shot. Twenty-nine-year-old trooper Steven Stone is listed in fair condition at E.T.M.C. hospital.  Tyler Police held a press conference this afternoon with more details about the suspects involved.

It all started before 10 pm last night on highway 31 east. Trooper Stone was attempting to arrest one of two suspects when shots were fired....hitting trooper stone in the shoulder and neck area.

Authorities say the suspects got back in their truck and headed toward Tyler.

A witness listening on a police scanner spotted the truck at Beckham and Line street. When officers tried to pull the vehicle over, a chase ensued with shots fired at Tyler police through East Tyler.

No Tyler police officers were hit.

The chase then went south onto highway 64 east near chapel hill.

Richard Davis, witnessed the incident, "I heard gun shots, i ducked down and looked back up . All I could see was a gun sticking out of the window then all of the cop cars pass by."

Another witness, Donna Charles said,  "First I heard shots and when I looked up Isaw a dodge pick up being chased. I counted about 25 to 30 police vehicles come through like the different, sheriffs, police and state trooper cars."

It was on 64 east past the Loop that the chase finally ended. The suspects rear ended a car and turned over on its side. They were taken to E.T.M.C. in Tyler late last night.

This morning, we've learned one of the suspects is 38-year-old Francisco Saucedo of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The other suspect, 37 year old Ramone Ramos is expected to appear in court later this morning.

He's also from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Their bonds are $23- million each.