DPS Trooper Shot

It all began on Highway 31 East, when Trooper Steven Stone was making a traffic stop.

"When he was attempting to arrest one of the suspects and then the shots were fired," explains Trooper Jean Dark of the DPS.

That's when Trooper Stone was shot. Authorities think that's when the two suspects got back in their truck and headed towards Tyler.

"One of our patrol vehicles spotted the suspect vehicle at beckham and line street and activated their lights to pull the vechile over and they started fleeing from officers. They got behind them and started into a pursuit , the suspect at that time started firing back at our officers," says Officer Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department.

"I heard gun shots, I ducked down and looked back up . All I could see was a gun sticking out of the window then all of the cop cars pass by," says Eye Witness Richard Davis.

The chase then headed towards Highway 64 , witnesses heard even more gunfire.

"First I heard shots and when I looked up I saw a Dodge pick up being chased, I counted about 25 to 30 police vehicles come through like the different, sheriffs, police and state trooper cars," says Eye witness Donna Charles. "Then I saw the break lights starting so I knew it wasn't too far down the street.

The vehicle ended up on 64 East, still trying to flee from the officers. It was on 64 East past the Loop that the chase finally ended. The suspects rear ended a car and turned over on its side. Both were taken to the hospital, leaving investigators now with the task of figuring out why a routine traffic stopped turned so violent.

Authorities have not released the identity or condition on the two suspects. We only know they were taken to ETMC in Tyler late last night.

Officials say both Highway 31 East and Highway 64 West are open.