Office Pools A Practice In Strategy And Luck

Chances are you have one at your job. An NCAA Tournament office pool.

Folks have all sorts of strategies and gimmicks for making picks.

Every March at Patterson Nissan, the gloves come off and the battle is on. The office pool is about more than just some extra pocket cash. For these employees, it's about break room supremacy.

"It's for bragging rights," said tournament guru, Robert Darden. "If you have the final four that's it, you're the man."

Robert is among the few who strategize all season long.

"You stay with your favorites because even though there's been a lot of upsets, there's never been a number one seed beat yet," he said.

There are also the less scientific means of picking a winner.

"Sometimes I'll look at the mascot and if I like the mascot I'll pick that one," said owner Trey Patterson.

One Patterson receptionist picks by color. "Just the bright colors, all the girl colors," she explained.

Whethers it's a Huskie or a teal blue you think determines the winner, any game plan can be thrown into chaos by a single upset.

"Oklahoma, that hurt," Robert said.

It seems the bossman at Patterson, is not faring so well against his employees. "I'm in last place this year," Trey Patterson said. "But it's not over with yet. I picked the (Arkansas) Razorbacks to go deep in the tournament this year and unfortunately they lost to Bucknell. I'm not even sure who Bucknell is."

But that's the beauty of the tournament. When fans find themselves pulling for schools they never really knew existed.

"A lot of these colleges you never heard of," Robert said. "You've got go with your gut feeling."

Maya Golden reporting,