Record Bass Reportedly Caught In California

It's the holy grail of bass fishing.  George Perry set was was considered an unbreakable record, when he caught a 22 1/4 pound largemouth bass in 1932.  But a California man appears to have not only broken the record, but shattered it, catching a largemouth that weighs 25.1 pounds.  Brett Pauly of ESPN Outdoors is reporting, the record isn't a slam dunk.  (click the link for his story)

Mac Weakley caught the fish on Dixon Lake in Southern California early Monday, which isn't much of a surprise.  22 of the 25 largest largemouths have been caught in California lakes.  Montgomery Lake in Georgia holds the record, with two lakes in Florida also making the list.  No Texas lakes make the list.  Weakley already holds the record for 13th largest largemouth caught at 19.8 pounds on Dixon Lake.  His fishing partner, who was with him on Monday, Jed Dickerson, claims the fish Weakley caught yesterday was the same fish that placed him fourth on the list in 2003 at 21 pounds 11.2 ounces.   Weakley took pictures, documented the weigh-in on video, then released the fish back into the lake.  He thought the fish wasn't eligible for the record because he foul-hooked it, setting the hook in it's side, instead of it's mouth.  He also weighed the fish on a scale that wasn't certified.  It will be up to the International Game Fish Association as to whether the record will be certified.

By the way, Pauly also reports, Weakley used a white jig with a skirt and rattle on 15-pound line to catch the fish.