Repeated Bomb Threats At A Tyler Elementary School

Authorities are scrambling to try and catch the man responsible for terrorizing elementary students in Tyler. So far this month, Griffin Elementary School has received three bomb threats.

The first threat happened on March 3rd. A man called and said a bomb would be in the school on March 6th. He called again on the 10th warning a bomb would be in the building today. TISD delayed class until 9:00 this morning so a thorough search could be conducted. When nothing was found, classes began.

Then around 9:30, authorities say the same man called again warning a bomb was on the premises. TISD says they are doing everything they can to keep the students safe, but some parents say they are growing frustrated with the way the district is handling the situation.

Charlene Schnack's children stayed home today, but for the last two weeks, they've been going to school, in spite of repeated bomb threats. She says the stress is finally catching up to them.

"The kindergartner had a nightmare. He'll come to me, and he'll tell me, 'It was a bomb," Schnack said.

Her oldest girl, Timmy, is more vocal about her fears.

"She is aware of everything. She's the kind of child that will sit here and fret, "Am I safe today? Am I safe today? Am I safe today," Schnack said.

When she took them to school this morning, she was told to leave immediately, because of the third bomb threat.

"I feel like a yo-yo. It's like a back and forth with the safety issue, and I need to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when I drop my children off for school in the morning,  they are going to be safe until I pick them up," Schnack said.

Gwedolyn Patillo is angry because she was not notified about a threat that happened in the morning, until her 5 year old son came home from school.

"I think as soon as they got that threat, they should have let everyone know. Give me the option to come get him, or leave him at school," Patillo said.

Katherine Erickson, Communication Director for TISD says while every threat has to be taken seriously, the district is comfortable with the security at the school. They say they've tried to keep parents up to date, about what's going on.

"What we did do is send the information home.It's very mportant to us that our parents know, that we want them to know everything we know, and we're all in this together," Erickson said.

For children like Timmy and Barry Schnack, there is counseling available to help them cope with fears they may have.

Investigators believe all three threats did come from the same man, and they say they do have a suspect. They hope to have a warrant out for his arrest by tomorrow.

Lindsay Wilcox/ Reporting: