Abuse Survivor Speaks In Longview

A Texas woman who's received national attention over her horrific ordeal, shared her story in Longview. Carolyn Thomas, a victim of domestic abuse, spoke to members of the GLOW Ministries today.  GLOW stands for God's Leading Obedient Women.  More than 100 people went to St. Paul's Church for the conference, to hear the remarkable survival story of the Waco woman.

"Sometimes words can't express having someone like Carolyn with her courage and passion and her decision to want to share her story," said Thomas' friend Dione Jackson.

It was 2003 that Thomas ex-boyfriend shot her mother to death in front of her, then shot her point blank in the face, but she survived. Six months later after rehab she went on to tell the story of her abuse to those who would listen, and those who had been through abusive relationships.

"I've chosen to tell my story so that I can get the awareness out there about domestic violence to let ladies as well as men know that there's someone out there that can help them, their local shelter of the National Domestic Abuse Hotline," said Thomas.

"Well I've counseled a lot of women that have gone through domestic violence in their lives I've prayed with a lot of women, and I know what it's like to hurt and to go through domestic violence situations," said St. Paul's Church member Patti Towles.

She's appeared on Oprah and Larry King and other shows trying to get a simple message to women. "As long as you have positive people around you around saying yes you can, you can get through anything," Thomas said.

Shes had seven reconstructive surgeries already, but she's more concerned with the image she projects to others. "Because they see me moving on, that they feel like they can continue on," she says.

Thomas expects more surgeries in the future to repair her facial injuries.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com