Quitman Church Holds First Worship Service

The Quitman church which was supposed to be built in 24 hours, only took 18. This morning, Victory Fellowship Church held its first worship service in the new building, and there was plenty to be thankful for.

Praise and worship lasted for more than two hours, as members of Victory Fellowship Church relished the inaugural service in their new sanctuary.

The Reverend Keith Clark declared from the pulpit, "This is our first building that we have, that we can call home. And people can come and enjoy themselves in the Lord."

And enjoy themselves, they did. This church of just a few dozen members has been worshipping in a library for the last three and a half years. "We have our own place now, and people can really recognize us in our own church and not us in the library, so it feels great. It feels awesome," said church member Candelario Aguilar.

Reverend Clark says this new building is also a new beginning. "As we grow, then we'll expand our ministries into other areas, into youth, and into reaching out to the elderly in nursing homes," he said.

While he is undeniably excited about the opportunity, Clark is mindful, it's just a building. "I've always told the people, the building is not the church, it is made up of people. Our people have given tremendously in labor and in their finances. They've also been very supportive of me and my family, and what we want to see done in this area for the ministry, for God's kingdom," Clark said.

Church members say the sanctuary gives them a more visible presence in town. They hope that will mean more people will come and worship with them in the future.

Right now, Victory Fellowship will hold about 100 people, but the slab was poured to allow for an expansion that will mean seating for 50 more. That expansion will take place over the next six months.

Lindsay Wilcox reporting, lwilcox@kltv.com