Longview Police Investigate Dog Theft

The theft of a pit-bull puppy from the arms of its owner in Longview, has caught the attention of police. They're worried it could be the beginning of a much bigger problem. 14-year-old Ian Henderson was walking his pit bull puppy in his Longview neighborhood Wednesday when a group of strangers stole it right out of his arms. He'd only had his dog Grizzly for a couple of weeks.

"Well at first I thought playing around just joking around then I was just in shock," says Ian.

It was around 5 p.m. on scenic road that Ian was walking his puppy when a car approached him, some people got out took his dog from him and disappeared. The fact that it was a pit-bull has police concerned.

"We do have people in the area that raise, breed pit bulls for one purpose and one purpose only, and that's for fighting dogs. We do run into cases where they're stolen because they're bred to be fighting dogs which in some cases will make the cost of the dog go higher," said Sergeant Shaun Pendleton of the Longview police.

Ian's family is worried about what may happen to Grizzly from the people who took him.

"I don't want whoever took him to change him that hes going to be, a mean dog now, we have children at home and I really don't want him hurt. I don't want them to change the psyche of the dog and make him violent," says Ian's stepfather Charles Pope.

The theft is also a concern for the local humane society, which very often see the animals when they are used up and abandoned.

"We do get a lot of pit bulls in and sometimes we do see ones come in with battle scars , very obvious that they've been fought," says Gregg County Humane Society Director Roxanne Hutson.

There have been other cases of thefts of pit bulls in the past and police are checking to see if there are any connections to this one.

"I'd appreciate it if they'd bring my dog back," Ian says.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Grizzly" is asked to call Longview Police.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.