Blackbirds Invade Longview Neighborhood

A strange invasion of nature is making a North Longview residential area look like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds . Neighbors near the Judson Road/Highway 259 area have to "duck and cover" when they go out in the evening these days.  The reason...thousands of blackbirds are roosting near their homes.

"It's just obnoxious really, you can't even take your dog out," says area homeowner Lynn Johnson.

"You've got to hide in the evening. If you don't, you'll wish you had.  I hear them coming and I get under my carport," says resident David Adkins.

"The trees around here, they just kind of fill them up, all you can see is black," said area business owner Tim Irby.

For the past three years, neighbors have noticed massive clouds of birds migrating back to roost in a nearby bamboo patch. The messes they leave behind and the noise are not easily ignored.

"Noisy from about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, messy all over the sidewalks," Johnson says.

They've tried for the last two years to get local and state agencies to get rid of the birds.

"We've called parks and wildlife, extension agent, health department, zoologist in Tyler, but no action," says Adkins.

The birds roost on property residents don't own, and they've tried everything they could to drive them away. They don't want the birds harmed, but they want some local or state agency to find a way to make the birds move.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.